Faizul Haque

A Visionary Leader in Sales and Marketing

With over two decades of formidable experience in the software and advertising industries, both locally and internationally, Faizul Haque stands as a paragon of strategic excellence in sales and marketing. His journey with Grameen Software Ltd., beginning in 2003, marked the onset of a career characterized by innovative product development tailored to industrial needs. As the coordinator and head of sales and marketing, Faizul was instrumental in devising both short-term and long-term marketing strategies, ensuring their successful implementation. His ability to identify commercial opportunities and establish pivotal communications with potential clients has consistently driven growth and expansion.

In his tenure from 2005 to 2012 at Stm Vision Infotech Ltd., an authorized Tally distributor in Bangladesh, Faizul's role as General Manager and Head of Sales and Marketing saw him revolutionize distribution channels and tackle corporate-level challenges. His efforts led to the demonstration of Tally software to over 2000 businesses, government, and non-governmental organizations, culminating in the sale of 3,000 licensed Tally software packages, guided by a team of over 20 members under his leadership.

Faizul’s versatility shone through during his time with BBC Media Action in 2012 as an Assistant Producer, where he was pivotal in creating the reality show "Mojay Mojay Engrajy Shekha" on BTV. His journey continued at Innocomm in 2013 as the Director of Audio Visual Plane, where he expertly managed and developed audiovisual advertisements. His role encompassed a range of responsibilities including copywriting, media scripting, and overseeing TV and film production, contributing to the success of brands like Population Council, Amcare, Kiam, Suresh, and Rangs.

From 2015 to 2023, as the Director of Marketing & Branding, Faizul excelled in budgetary planning, orchestrating marketing and advertising events, and fostering sales growth through innovative strategies. His leadership in team management and execution of multiple marketing and promotional campaigns significantly bolstered the presence of key clients like Kiam, IPDC, Grameen Phone, Reckitt Benckiser, and Amcare.

Faizul Haque's career is a testament to his exceptional skill in navigating the evolving landscapes of sales and marketing, making him an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted partner to our diverse clientele.


e-mail: faizul.haque@aiprojukti.com