Masum Rabby

Masum Rabby, a dynamic professional, has carved a distinguished niche in the Telecom Value-Added Services (VAS) sector since 2005. His profound expertise, nurtured over 18 years, has been instrumental in shaping the digital landscape of telecom services. As the Chief Business Officer at IYLMA Innovation Ltd, Masum embodied the spirit of innovation and strategic growth in an ever-evolving industry.

Masum's career is marked by a deep-seated expertise in Digital and VAS services. His nuanced understanding of diverse platforms like SMS, IVR, OBD, DCB, MFS, Video Streaming, Apps, and WAP, complements his strategic approach towards business development. His tenure at VERSE Innovation Ltd as a Senior Business Development Manager is a testament to his capability in managing and nurturing multinational relationships.

A key highlight of Masum's career is his exceptional skill in forging strategic partnerships, both locally and globally. These collaborations have not only expanded his professional network but also significantly contributed to the growth and innovation in his field. His knack for ideating and implementing ground-breaking product concepts has been pivotal in generating new revenue streams and meeting ambitious revenue targets.

His strategic planning is evidenced by his successful deployment of Yearly Roadmaps, ensuring sustainable growth and stability in the rapidly changing Telecom VAS landscape.

Beyond his business acumen, Masum Rabby is recognized as a visionary. His approach transcends traditional business development roles, focusing on innovation, adaptability, and foresight. This quality has positioned him as a pivotal figure in navigating the complexities of the Telecom VAS sector.

Masum Rabby is not just a Chief Business Officer; he is a catalyst for change and growth in the telecom industry, driving success and innovation in the competitive world of Telecom VAS.