Raj Mahmud

Inventor and Entrepreneur

Inventor and Entrepreneur Raj has recently embarked on his most ambitious venture yet, the founding of AI Projukti Limited, a start-up poised to make waves in the AI and engineering sectors. With his foresight and unwavering commitment to innovation, Raj is at the forefront of developing ground-breaking AI solutions that promise to transform business practices and enrich societal welfare.

Raj's journey is a testament to his visionary leadership and inventive prowess. His two decades of experience in the tech industry have seen him navigate roles of increasing responsibility and complexity. His technical ingenuity and business acumen were previously demonstrated in positions such as Technical Director at Aramuse LLC and Consultant Project Manager at Digicel Group, where he led teams and projects that pushed the boundaries of technology and business strategy.

Though newly founded, AI Projukti Limited is the culmination of Raj's lifelong passion for conversational AI and machine learning and represents his dedication to integratinghuman-centred computing with cutting-edge AI technologies. The start-up is Raj's latest step in a career defined by entrepreneurial innovation, aiming to create socially responsible and technologically advanced solutions.

Raj is expanding his already substantial expertise by pursuing doctoral research in Computer Science at UTS, Australia. His academic credentials already include a Master’s in Advanced Information Technology, a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from London South Bank University and a Diploma in Computer Engineering.His professional qualifications are equally impressive, with industry certifications such as SPIN Sales, AWS Solution Architect, and Cisco Certified Network Associate, among others. Raj is also affiliated with notable professional associations like the British Computer Society, Institute of Electrical Engineers UK, and Project Management Institute USA, which speak to his relentless pursuit of knowledge and professional growth.

Raj's recent venture with AI Projukti Limited underscores his role as a dynamic inventor and entrepreneur who not only dreams of advanced AI applications but also takes tangible steps to realise them, even in the early stages of his start-up’s life.


e-mail: raj.mahmud@aiprojukti.com